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Symi Island Sightseeing

Symi Island Sightseeing

Simi is a small island in the Dodecanese. Although Simi is visited by many people every summer, it has managed to keep its traditional manners. The most important sightseeing in Simi is the Holy Monastery of Panormitis, protector of the island. Located on the southern side of Simi, this monastery is included in the program of all boat tours from Rhodes and can also be visited by boat from Simi Town. In Simi, do not also miss a stroll at the picturesque town of Simi, called Chorio, with Medieval style and fantastic sea views.

The Venetian Castle of Simi was built by the Knights of Saint John on the site of a Byzantine Castle. It stands on a hill above the Town and gives great views to the harbor.

Venetian Castle

The Byzantine Castle on the island of Simi was also the site of the Knights Castle, built by the Knights of Saint John in the 14th century. The Knights Castle shared a wall with the ruins of the Byzantine Castle, many of which are still visible. The castle also shares the wall that surrounds the Acropolis, on top of the hill.

The castle contains an emblem of the Knights of Saint John over the main entrance and is located at the highest point of the Upper Town. It overlooks the harbor on one side and a small valley on the other, offering a breathtaking view of the entire town as well as of the Aegean Sea beyond it. There is also a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Kyra Panagia). This chapel occupies the highest point on the castle and offers spectacular views of the towns of Horio and Yialos.