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Symi Island Sightseeing

Symi Island Sightseeing

Simi is a small island in the Dodecanese. Although Simi is visited by many people every summer, it has managed to keep its traditional manners. The most important sightseeing in Simi is the Holy Monastery of Panormitis, protector of the island. Located on the southern side of Simi, this monastery is included in the program of all boat tours from Rhodes and can also be visited by boat from Simi Town. In Simi, do not also miss a stroll at the picturesque town of Simi, called Chorio, with Medieval style and fantastic sea views.

Archaeological and Folklore Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Simi is housed in an elegant Venetian mansion in the Town. The archaeological collection includes Hellenistic sculpture, ancient coins, grave offerings, and small statues.

Archaeological and Folklore Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Simi is housed in an old traditional mansion in Ano Simi. The mansion once belonged to the Hatziagapiditis family and today has been restored. The museum has three collections: an archaeological, a Byzantine and a folklore collection.

The archaeological collection includes findings from excavations held on the island, such as Hellenistic and Roman sculptures and vessels, while the Byzantine collection consists of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, coins and musical manuscripts.

The folklore collection is richer than the other two and includes traditional costumes, musical instruments, hand-woven materials, tools of everyday life, like a sewing machine, and photos that depict life some decades ago. The pebbled yard of the museum displays some ancient sculptures and urns. This museum may be small but is very interesting and gives a clear view of the history and the traditions of Simi island.