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Samos Insel Sehenswürdigkeiten

Samos Insel Sehenswürdigkeiten

Samos ist eine große Insel, die für jeden etwas bietet: von großen Badeorten über rustikale Dörfer, Wälder bis hin zu interessanten Sehenswürdigkeiten. Da Samos eine Insel mit langer Geschichte ist, gibt es viele Sehenswürdigkeiten aus der Antike, wie das Heiligtum von Heraion und den Tunnel von Eupalinus. Eine sehr interessante Sehenswürdigkeit auf Samos ist auch das Kloster Panagia Spiliani oberhalb von Pythagorion. Samos ist nicht nur zum Schwimmen an fantastischen Stränden und zum Bummeln durch Dörfer ein großartiger Ort zum Wandern. Viele Wanderwege führen durch die grünen Wälder im Zentrum der Insel zu Wasserfällen und einsamen Buchten.

The Museum was established with the contribution of the Nikolaos Dimitriou Literary Foundation and has been operating since May 1997 in Pythagorio. The architectural style of the museum has clearly been influenced by traditional Samian architecture and is based on the work of Nikolaos Dimitriou.

Dimitriou Folklore Museum

The exhibits in the museum paint an image of everyday life in Samos mainly before the Second World War. What is interesting is that many of the objects in the museum are still used on a day to day basis in the villages of Samos.

Among the important exhibits are: a collection of agricultural tools that were used by farmers before they were replaced with modern equipment including plows, spades, sickles, sieves, and reap-hooks; tools that were used for the art of making bread including troughs, boards, rolling pins, hand mills, clay bowls and other devices; instruments that were used for the purpose of extracting honey and making wax; needlework collection by local Samian women including clothes, curtains, bedspreads, blankets and covers; tools that were used to and still are used to make cheese including serpents tools, rods, dixies and andirons; a replica of a typical Samian house from the 1930s complete with authentic furniture from that era; the yard of the museum is dedicated to creating replicas of local professions including a barber shop, a blacksmith's workshop, a carpenter's workshop all complete with tools that were used.

The Museum is a must-visit for history buffs and those who seek to understand and relive ordinary life in Samos back in the day. It holds several educational programs to spread knowledge of the history and traditions to newer generations of local people. It is a wonderful dedication to Samos and a great way of keeping ancient Samos alive. The Museum is housed in Doryssa Bay Hotel in Pythagorion and remains open from 10.00 in the morning to 13.00 in the afternoon in summer.

This Folklore Museum is housed in Doryssa Bay Hotel