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Kalymnos Insel Sehenswürdigkeiten

Kalymnos Insel Sehenswürdigkeiten

In den letzten Jahren hat sich die Insel Kalymnos allmählich zu einem Kletterziel entwickelt. Die Landschaft ist bergig und das charakteristische Merkmal von Kalymnos sind die vielen Höhlen. Die Berge an der Nordseite der Insel und die Nachbarinsel Telendos sind die beliebtesten Orte zum Klettern. Eine weitere interessante Sehenswürdigkeit in Kalymnos sind das Kloster von Agios Savvas und die mittelalterliche Burg von Chryssoheria. Besucher sollten auch eine Bootsfahrt vom Hafen von Myrties zur Insel Telendos, einem abgelegenen Ort mit FKK-Stränden, nicht verpassen.

This small island was separated from Kalymnos due to an earthquake in 535 A.D. Telendos has a single settlement with 50 inhabitants and a nice landscape to stroll around. It is connected to Kalymnos by boat from Myrties.

Telendos Island

The islet of Telendos rises across the northwestern coast of Kalymnos, opposite the village of Myrties. Telendos is separated from the main island by a channel just 700 meters wide. In the ancient times, Telendos was part of Kalymnos, until a massive earthquake in 535 A.D. separated it from the rest of the island. Telendos is rather a barren island.

However, its beautiful landscape gives a unique view. Telendos has got very few inhabitants (about 50) and they are all concentrated in a small fishing settlement. Small boats serve the transportation to and from Myrties. They run frequently during the day, carrying passengers for the 10 minutes journey. Telendos does not have any roads, so it is free from traffic and pollution.

Telendos has got a tiny port that is usually busy with fishing boats. Alongside the port, you can see a number of taverns and cafes that serve traditional Greek food. The islet has been equipped with the basic amenities for tourists, as there are only a few rooms to let. The beaches of Telendos, Paradise and Hoklakas beaches being the most famous, are small and not organized at all, so they are perfect for peace lovers and naturists.

The archaeological ruins found at Telendos suggested the existence of a well-organized Christian culture in the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. The Early Christian Basilica of Agios Vassilios and the Christian burial ground suggest that the islet once accommodated a wealthy and noble society. The traces of ruined houses, churches and cisterns can be still found there. There is the medieval fortress of Saint Constantine situated a little above the port with nice views of the whole island.