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Samos Island Sightseeing

Samos Island Sightseeing

Samos is a large island that has something for everyone: from large beach resorts to rustic villages, forests and interesting sightseeing. As Samos is an island with a long history, there are many sights that date from ancient times, such as the Sanctuary of Heraion and the Tunnel of Eupalinus. A very interesting sight to visit in Samos is also the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, located above Pythagorion. Apart from swimming in fantastic beaches and strolling around villages, Samos is a great place for hiking. Many hiking paths cross the green forests in the center of the island, leading to waterfalls and secluded coves.

The small island of Samiopoula is close to the southern coast of Samos. Its name means small Samos and can be easily accessed from the ports of Pythagorion and Limanaki by speed or fishing boat. The itineraries are more frequent in summer and the trip from Pythagorion takes about an hour.

Samiopoula Island

There are two beaches on Samiopoula, Psalida beach, and Katsakas beach. Psalida is the best one, with nice white sand, crystalline waters and free umbrellas. Its beauty attracts many visitors but it is quite a small beach, therefore it tends to get crowded in summer. Although it has a tavern, it is advised to take enough water and supplies with you, just in case.

Samiopoula has only five inhabitants! In spite of its small size, Samiopoula has some interesting buildings, such as the small parish churches of Agia Pelagia and the Ascension of Christ. It also has a few small houses as well as a hotel and a limited number of room rentals.