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Leros Island Beaches

Leros Island Beaches

There are both frequented and secluded beaches in Leros. Agia Marina, Vromolithos and Alinda are the most organized Leros beaches, while there are many other quiet places to relax around the island. Over the last years, Leros is developing as a popular scuba diving destination due to its rich seabed. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Leros island.

Blefoutis beach lies on the natural bay of the same name, on the northern side of Leros. This sandy beach overlooks the landlocked bay and is very calm and picturesque, with its tamarisk-tree surrounding.

Blefoutis Beach

In fact, it is one of the most tranquil beaches, along with Krifo, and Vromolithos.The waters here own the typical Greek distinctive feature, being crystalline and deep blue. The fact of being on this beautiful bay assures it to be sheltered from the winds.

The shelter advantage, apart from being convenient, causes the waves not to be as high as in some other Greek locations. Blefoutis beach also counts on a monument in the memory of the sad events of the World War II. This consists of a large grape-shot gun that is kept in good conditions and can be found by walking further down, in which can be considered as the second part of the beach.Regarding facilities it counts on a large good restaurant serving fresh fish as its specialty.

However, the northern part of Leros fairly knows tourism. Although this beach is not very crowded, it is one of the best spots on Leros and forms part of its best reputed beaches, along with Pandeli, Alinda, Panagies, Agios Isidoros, Agia Marina, Krithoni, Merikia, Xirokambos, and Gourna among others.