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Symi Insel Strände

Symi Insel Strände

Strände in Symi sind eigentlich kleine Buchten, ziehen aber viele Besucher wegen ihrer malerischen Umgebung an. Einige Simi-Strände sind mit touristischen Einrichtungen wie Tavernen, Bars, Sonnenschirmen und Sonnenliegen wie Nos, Emporios und Pedi ausgestattet. Die restlichen Strände von Simi sind abgeschieden und ideal für die Privatsphäre.

Gialos is a small bay with crystal water. Located in a walking distance from Simi Town, this beach is protected from strong winds.

Gialos Beach

Gialos is the biggest port of Simi surrouunded by the imposing clock tower and the beautiful mansions. Gialos beach which is situated right next is a rather popular spot for tourists mostly. The port area witnesses the wild side of Simi island, where rocks are found on either side. The beach offers a nice view to the houses and their amphitheatrical location.

The beach on the other hand is quite peaceful and picturesque, suitable for swimming for its crystalline waters. Sunbeds and umbrellas are not available at this beach. Some boats depart from Gialos for daily excursions to the nearby beaches and unspoilt coves. Gialos beach is nice for a morning or evening walk. Some seaside taverns offer delicious meals and nice wine with a view to the crystalline sea.