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Kalymnos Insel Strände

Kalymnos Insel Strände

Kalymnos ist eine der schönsten und noch unerforschten Inseln des Dodekanes. Einige der attraktivsten Strände von Kalymnos sind Emporio, Myrties, Kantouni und Massouri, die mit Liegen und Sonnenschirmen organisiert sind. Andere Strände in Kalymnos sind völlig abgeschieden und perfekt für die Privatsphäre.

Kalamies is a calm and picturesque beach on the northern side of Kalymnos, close to Emporios.

Kalamies Beach

Kalamies is one of the most isolated beaches of Kalymnos located 23 km north west of Pothia, the island's capital. Unlike the rest of Kalymnos beaches, Kalamies provides a unique and relaxing day at the beach.

With no tourist facilities but an amazing mountain backdrop, Kalamies reflects the most beautiful part of Kalymnos. The beach uniquely combines the lush greenery that covers the top of the cliffs with the clear blue sky, leaving an everlasting impression on mind.

The only sound that you will have in your ears is the water splashing against the rocks. Otherwise, Kalamies is a true paradise without any kind of distractions. Boats of local fishermen and sponge divers interrupt the view momentarily providing a peek into the lives of the people of this sleepy hamlet.